Commercial Window Accessories

We offer our clients an extensive assortment of commercial window accessories that meet a range of applications, as we understand that each project poses its own unique set of challenges, especially with historic windows.

These accessories help accomplish several goals that a historic consultant, architect, or developer is looking for. They can enhance the look of the window and the architectural appeal of the building’s façade.  This is paramount in historic window work, where the ability to replicate window trim details and panning shapes can make or break the project. Other accessories such as strap anchors can help make the installation more efficient and safer for the contractor. Whatever the reason may be, accessories can become critical in ensuring that the project’s execution, quality, and appearance are the best that it can be. From our aluminum window accessories to our interior systems, our catalog of offerings are as follows: 

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Exterior Grids, Grids Between the Glass and Interior Grids

Grids enhance the window’s appearance and usually are a necessary component for recreating a historic look. The combination of exterior & grids between the glass (GBG) can simulate the aesthetic of true divided lites (SDL) and is a more cost-effective approach compared to a true divided look. Interior grids used in combination with exterior grids & grids between the glass creates the true divided lite (TSDL) look within the interior and the outside. Exterior grids or GBG only options are available as well and are even more cost effective compared to SDL or TSDL grid options. 

A unique design of our exterior grids is that it is directly mounted to the frame rather than on the surface of the glass. As a result, there is a 1/16 inch gap between the grid and the glass, which allows for natural rain to wash through and basically eliminates any build up of dirt or pollen.

Custom Extruded
Panning Shapes

A wide range of extruded panning shapes is available to customize the look of the perimeter or window surround. These shapes attach to the window frame perimeter and fasten together at the corners. They come pre-attached from the factory to simplify the installation. Care is given to seal all the joints properly. The installation details matching the field conditions are critical to ensure that the window system fits well and creates the look desired.


Mullion systems are used to create the look of two or more windows in a side by side or top and bottom configuration which may include various window types in the same series. These mullions come in various widths and designs as they are structured to provide the strength necessary to handle design pressures and spans that are required for a project’s application.

Frame Extender & Nail Fin

Snap-in piece extends the frame width to provide a wider appearance and exterior face for accommodating face-mounted commercial window accessories for extending the reach of the frame for a proper fit within the opening detail. This can also be utilized for locating, flashing or anchoring of the window.

Trim & Clip

This is a two-component system that is primarily used on the interior, however, exterior trim & clip is also available. The clip provides a means of anchoring the window frame to the building. The trim is a continuous piece snap over the clips to finish the look on the perimeter and cover the anchoring fasteners. These come in custom lengths depending on the size of your window.

Interior Screen System with Trim & Clip Frame

Provides a means of mounting a sliding insect screen on the window’s interior side. The interior trim and clip can provide the anchoring and finishing for the installation as well. This option is well suited for historic work where an exterior mounted screen is unacceptable.

Extruded Receptor System

This system allows for the pre-installation of an extruded (thermally broken) receiver into the prepared opening. With the opening full prepped, the window can more easily be positioned and then locked in place with a second mating lock enclosure. This simplifies the installation process and helps the contractor work with greater efficiency.

Caulk Stop

This small slide-on piece provides a pocket around the window system’s exterior perimeter to accommodate and trap a backer rod in the optimum position to create a quality perimeter caulk joint.

Strap Anchor

We cut these to any size as requested, but our standard strap anchor clips come 3” wide. These clips attach to the window frame’s interior perimeter and allow the window to be anchored to the opening’s structure. Our recommendation is using a clip every 12 or 16 inches depending on the opening’s size.

Mull Cover

This small slide-on piece provides a pocket around the window system’s exterA two piece cover includes inside attachment mounting plate and snap-over cover in various widths. A color-matched metal cover is provided to cover narrow portions of the building structure between windows.ior perimeter to accommodate and trap a backer rod in the optimum position to create a quality perimeter caulk joint.

Brake Metal Flashing
& Cover Pieces

 Specific color-matched brake-formed metal used to match either exterior or interior trim and match the project requirements.

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