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4000 Series Windows

The 4000 Series is our performance grade window. These windows are designed to give the best performance in its class, and an upscale architectual appearance. From its sturdy construction to its energy-saving performance, the 4000 series is a true workhorse window with architectual style. Enjoy an Energy Star window that will stand the test of time.

4000 Series Features:

The 4000 series is constructed with fusion welded sashes and a fusion welded frame made from 100% virgin vinyl.

The 4000 series is constructed with a multi-chambered frame which adds to the durability of the window as well as creating more insulating layers of air that will help your window’s energy saving performance.

The 4000 series is designed with true sloped sill that quickly and efficiently drains even the heaviest rainfalls.

Beveled frames on the Double Hung and Slider models give your home an attractive curbside appeal.

To prevent against any possible drafts that may come through, the 4000 Series also uses a double weather-stripped system to seal the openings.

The Double Hung and Slider models have interlocking sashes to guarantee a tight seal every time you lock your windows. In addition, dual locks come standard on meeting rails over 24” to ensure a secure seal.

Available Options:

8100 Double Hung

Click the image for a larger photo.

Internal Colonial (flat) or Georgian (contoured) muntins are available on all window types.  They may be done in a Grid, Diamond, or Prairie (Colonial) Pattern.  The muntins are placed within the IGU to provide the benefit of easy cleaning and the look of traditional divided lites.

Applied (external) muntins are available as well to give your windows an authentic traditional grid.

Triple Pane IGUs are available for all window types and provide significantly improved insulating properties.  Specialty glazings such as tinted, obscured, and tempered glass are available as well.

Nailing fins or Nailing fins with J Channels are available for the 4000 series models for new construction installations.

Wood extension jambs are available in 4-9/16” and 6-9/16” sizes.

Multiple window units can be mulled together to create a custom look for larger window openings.

4000 Series windows are capable of meeting new R-5 requirements.

Available Models (click on the thumbnails for a larger image):

4000 Double Hung

Double Hung – Two operable sashes that tilt in.

4000 2-Lite Slider

2-Lite Slider – Two operable sashes that slide side to side.

4000 3-Lite Slider

3-Lite Slider – Two operable sashes that slide side to side with a fixed lite in between. Available in equal lites or ¼ lite sashes with ½ lite fixed.

4000 Picture Window

Picture Window – A fixed fusion welded sash within a fusion welded frame.

2000 Series (Welded Sash) 3000 Series (All Welded)
4000 Series 6000 Series
Bay and Bow Windows

Standard Features:

Beveled face & true sloped sill for upscale architechtual look.

Double Strength glass is used for all standard sizes for increased durability.

All our vinyl windows use a heavy duty integral lift/pull rail which provides better structural integrity to the sash.

The Double Hung windows have recessed tilt latches in both sashes for better aesthetics while allowing an easy release of the sash to be tilted in for cleaning and maintenance.

The Double Hung windows also come with ventilation limit latches, which help to prevent unwanted operation by children as well as helping to prevent against unwelcome intrusions.

The screens are made with a sturdy aluminum frame and fit securely with an auto-lock in the Double Hung Windows.

Foam insulation tape is provided on the window frame to allow for an easy insulated installation.

All our windows are tested to comply with the Energy Star program.

Visit the Energy Star Website Visit the National Association of The Remodeling Industry Visit the National Fenestration Rating Council Website